Monday, April 6, 2009

Seems my readership has dropped off since my mini-hiatus. Well, hopefully people will be back soon. I took the plunge today and listed some books on I need to get aggressive about producing side income. I have been wary of ebay, amazon and because I didn't want to spend money to make $2. I knew that ebay had listing fees and they also charged a percentage of sales but I wasn't quite sure how it worked out. Since I am not an established seller in any of those communities, I was afraid I would spend money listing things that never sold. You might laugh, but every penny seriously counts right now. was the perfect avenue for me because they only charge you if you actually sell something. 25% if I remember right. I think your rating on can transfer to ebay which is great because I have a couple of expensive purses I want to sell. The highest I have priced any book is $6 so I'm waiting to see how fast they go. I hope i have a good experience because I have loads of books I have accumulated over the years. I want to become an active seller for 2 reasons.
1. Side income
2. Purge my apartment of clutter.

My next project would be to clear out my closet. I just have no idea if used clothes sell well or if i should just donate them. What do you guys think? Anyone out there really good at making income on the side? Care to share?

Hope the weather changes soon. This rain is just not inspiring.

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  1. I use too, but lately all my extra cash has been coming in from ebay. I believe until 4/14, they have no seller fees. Just final value fee taken out which is good since if your item doesn't sell, $0 spent. When I make money off of ebay, I wait until all the bidder pay, transfer the $ right away to my checking accnt and rush to make a CC payment. I rush because in between that 1 minute of opening up a new browser, I might accidentally type in than EEK


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