Saturday, June 20, 2009


I noticed some of the blogs in my blogroll have not been updated in a while so I figured it's time to clean it up. I've found some new blogs in the last couple of months that I wanted to add. Let me know if you're interested in being added and I'll check out your site.


  1. Hi hi...

    You're on my blogroll so you might want to put me on yours. (No pressure! ;oD Only if you want to. It's not very exciting or inspirational.)

  2. Hi! I just started blogging a couple month's ago about personal finance, and started reading you blog recently. I think you have a very interesting story and enjoy reading your posts. Feel free to check out my blog. Thanks! or

  3. Hi, I just started blogging a week ago and needing some input, please pop past :)
    Ciao, Cindy


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