Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Changing my focus

I just thought I would let you know that I will be switching gears for the next couple of months. So many things have cropped up that it has shown me that a sizable Efund needs to be set in place. In the last week I have learned that I might have to buy 2 more plane tickets. Granted, not as much as the 650 pound one but it's money not in my budget nonetheless. My grandma is sick and alone in a hospital so I feel it would be good to go see her sometime in this month or next month. Other things have come up and basically I have decided I am just going to pay a little over the minimum on my cards until my savings account has $1500. I am going to skip my loan payments for a month or 2 because they are pre-paid till next year. As soon as I tweak my budget i'll let you guys know what i'll be putting towards savings. It should only take about 2 months or so to get it there and then i'll shift focus back on paying my debt. I just don't want to charge anything else on my card.

Things seem funky at my job and I'm not sure how much longer i'll have this job so I need to make sure I have something to fall back on. Hmm, maybe my goal should be 1675 b/c that would be 1 months rent. We'll see. How much do you debt payers have sitting in your efund?

I made one sale on half.com but that's it. From talking to my friends it seems that the website is best for selling textbooks and new releases. Do you have any suggestions as to where I could sell regular novels? Also, has anyone ever used the auction feature of ebay? I have a brand new prada bag I want to sell.

Can't wait for summer


  1. How is not paying debt switching your focus? I understand your need for an emergency fund and all, but you also have a lot of debt too. I would agree with getting your EF to $1500 while still paying your cards, but you won't be paying the loans now? That's good you're avoiding using the credit card. Job situation sucks, get the resume back out and updated so you stay on your feet. Hope it all works out.

  2. Keep paying off your cards as much as you can since you're getting charged interest on these things all the time. Maybe give them a little less than you have been to boost your eFund but don't just pay minimum otherwise you'll just stagnate.

    It's a fine balancing act but the sooner you can get out of debt, the better you'll be at saving for your Emergency Fund :)

    Good luck!


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