Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm still here

I've been working on getting myself together.
I just updated my sidebars and unfortunately, it seems as though I have taken $1000 backwards in my credit cards. It's been a combination of turning a year older and some unexpected travelling and some plane old indulging. I seemed to have forgotten how $50 here and $30 there adds up really quickly. Especially when you stop keeping track.

Capital one card is officially closed. This means it has no choice but to go down down down. I guess, thinking about it, them forcing me to close my card was a blessing in disguise. I think I should probably just take my other card out of my wallet. When I don't see my cards, I don't think about them that much.

I would say that when I started this blog, I was a bit naive in thinking I would just watch my debt go down. I thought I had learned from everyone else's mistakes. That's not the case as my $1000 increase has shown but I still know that I have learned a lot and my debt will eventually hit 0.

For those that have suggested that I should concentrate on my debt before and e-fund, thanks for the suggestion. I am sticking with building my efund though. The $500 that i put towards it last month instead of paying my student loans has already helped a lot. There were some expenses that I might have had to charge that this will come in handy for. For instance, I didn't realize my plate tags were expired. It's only $41 but I didn't have it in my regular checking and as I didn't want to get a ticket, I needed to renew it. It's the type of thing I might have charged and then not paid off immediately because it's "only" $41.

Don't worry, I didn't just decide to let my student loans lapse. I just happen to be ahead of schedule on both (next due date for one is in 2010). I'm only diverting those funds for 2 more months though because the interest keeps accruing and even at 2.87%, that's still a lot of money. It's a price I am willing to pay in order to have the security that if I ever lose my job for whatever reason, I have enough money to pay at least one month's rent. I didn't have that before and it was scary.

I found this great website via dogatemyfinances, it's called smartpassiveincome and the author has some great ideas on how to make money on the side. He has a great post on ehow that I'll link to later but I just wanted to say that, I wrote an article in 2 minutes and it's already making money (little = $.22) in one day. I will probably post about this another time because this post is long already but you should definitely check him out. He's a great writer.

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  1. It's harder than it looks, and it's a tough, long slog. It seems a lot easier just to quit, often.

    At least you are aware now, which is half the battle.

    I'm glad that blog helped you! It's good to see success every now and then.


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