Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Payday!

This means I can pay some bills! Yay! I no longer have $5 in my checking account. The only problem is that it won't last for long. Right now payday means money in, money out. I'm okay with that though because it means my debt is decreasing.
Unfortunately, something I didn't take into consideration when I did all those balance transfers is that my minimum payments are higher on those accounts. It would have been okay if the minimum on the account I transferred from decreased but because it is a line of credit the payments are fixed. I had to adjust my budget because I didn't have enough in the credit card category to pay even the minimums on all my credit cards. The end result is that I am on a very tight budget. There is no room to go more than $2 in any category so that will be tough.

The other thing that is a bit disappointing is that the increased minimum payments means that I can afford to pay only the minimum on the 2 cards (cap 1 & USbank). I haven't done this in years. I always pay at least $50 more than the minimum. Since my payments are going to be fixed, this will change as the months pass by.

I looked at my budget for the year and realized that my BOA Line of credit will be paid of by the end of the year. Sooner if I get a big refund. That makes me so happy. I know I didn't completely pay it off because I transferred about 10K to other cards but I'm still excited. It had the worst APR's ever.

I figure once that is paid off then I'll have some breathing room. I pay about $450 a month on that account and it will be great to have that paid off. I'm going to use a modified snowball approach. I am not going to put the entire thing towards my other cards. I will use some for debt, some for increased saving and some just to sit in my checking so I have a little cushion.

There is something at the back of my mind that I feel is going to bite me in the you-know-what soon. I have not received a gas bill since I moved in in October. I called national grid early December and they said that they could not get into the building the first time and someone would be along to read the meter in a couple of days. I asked if I could schedule a time for them to come when I knew I would be in and they said no. I don't want to get a $900 bill some months from now and have them tell me it's due in 15 days. I have never used gas before and so I have not idea what my consumption is every month. If anyone has any ideas or advice please let me know.

I know a lot of people got paid today so my question is - "What did you do with your paycheck?"

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