Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I love free stuff!

Hi all,
This is going to be a happy post. I am delighted to have my debt journey take such a positive spin. My federal return came in so I put 2k on my BOA. I have to wait on my state to come in so I can put the other 1k on it. I also initiated the transfer of money from my online savings (it takes 3 days) so I have that ready to go and that account can be PAID OFF! In other good news, freeing up that money allows me to tackle some of my other debts more aggressively. Unfortunately, the card I am attacking next has a pretty high balance so it might be a while before I have posts talking about paying off another card.
My title is the result of 2 things. I had a victoria secret $10 card from being a card holder. I usually use it to get bras since it's a decent reduction but this time, the debt-savvy vixen decided that $10 off $40 is $30 too much.
What else does this store sell? I wonder.
Hmm, let's look around. Panties? No. I have too many of those. Ahh! the beauty section. I never look in that dept. at all. So I found some body butter that cost $10 AND i had a coupon for free underwear (or 2 bras for $25 off or something) and i used it for the free panty. So, I got some rich body lotion and underwear for $0.89 which i had in my wallet. whoop-dee-do!
Then to put some icing on the cake, i got other free stuff. I was walking outside on my lunch break and saw a sign that sephora was giving out goodie bags to promote real housewives of nyc (or desperate housewives of nyc as my friend calls it) at noon. I knew there would be a line so i got there early at 11.30. waited 1.5hrs in the cold (can we say extended lunch break) and finally, ta-da, got my goodie bag which was soooo worth it. i think i got about $150 worth of product.
Very. Happy.Camper.
What not so good things have i done recently? Well I am already over my budget for eating out this month. I think it's because i was under budget overall for jan. and subconsciously I feel like i have some wiggle room (like jello :)). This is why I should have used my excess from january to pay down some other credit card. I will do that this month.
How have you all been faring?


  1. sweet! i love free stuff! i got a pair of dress pants and a tie for my husband at banana republic the other day for $3. i'm pretty proud! :)

  2. Lucky! Is that a NY thing? I want some free beauty goodies!!!

    And another lucky!!! You got your refund! I'm still waiting on mine. Sadly it won't be that much (around $400). It won't be enough to pay an entire card off, but I'm just having high hopes I'll find some money elsewhere..

    Good job on your free stuff. Everyone loves free stuff!!!

  3. I finally set up a balance transfer, so my last CC balance is being moved to a 0% for 6 months account. I'm also over my food budget for this month. Grrr. =\


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