Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is not totally debt related (unless I muse about how on earth she will afford all those kids) but I watched the Dateline show yesterday and I don't think that woman is all there. She just talked in too many platitudes and did not seem completely in touch with reality. I am not against so many kids as long as you have a plan that does not include just loving them. I don't think she realizes that if her condition becomes dire her kids could be taken away from her, all the love in the world withstanding (notwithstanding?). I also believe she (or her publicist) styled herself after Angelina Jolie. At first, I was struck by how similar they looked and I laughed because a friend had mentioned a couple days back that on one in the world looked like Angelina and that was part of her appeal. After they showed earlier pictures of Nadya, it is certain that she has had some work done on her lips. She also dyed her hair black ans started styling it Angelina-style. She didn't seem completely crazy (but who knows) so I think her publicist had a hand in this.

To keep this a bit financy, to those of you that have kids or are planning to have them soon. How has your debt affected you? Has anyone held off having kids till they reached a particular milestone? Has having a child put the brakes on your debt reduction journey? Please share and give tips. I am nowhere near thinking about kids so I don't really have much to contribute in that department but it would be interesting to hear from you. I believe Goliath debt or some other blogger is expecting their child soon. Let's hear from you


  1. I have no kids but I do not want any until I'm debt free (and married, which I'm not that either yet! haha). Ultimately I'd like to live on just one income even before kids so that my future husband and I know it can be done. That way if I'm a stay at home mom, there won't be any money worries.

  2. I don't think there's any problem being DINKs for the time being. We would like to pay off our consumer debt and have some money saved up before we have kids. The reason I say this is rather than pay for our past, I want to invest in their future by saving for their college. Just like a 401k, every kid needs a savings vehicle just to afford college.

    Regarding the lady with 14 kids, yes the recent birth was only 8 but she already had 6. If you were unemployed, have a back disability (yet decided to have invetro), and 3 of her kids at the time are also disabled, don't have more kids. This lady gets a lot of money each month from the state of California (which is broke) and the federal government. I'm amazed at her arrogance of how she doesn't feel like her public assistance is not welfare. She can't even take care of herself but needs all this support for her 14 kids. Just goes along with the mentality today that success is punished and failure is rewarded.

  3. If you want a truly inspirational family, look at the Dugger family. This family has 18 kids, it costs them $5000 a month to operate their 7000 square foot house (they built themselves and paid in cash). They have no debt, live off the rent of their commercial property. If you have ever seen this family operate, the older children help raise the younger children. I know the oldest son recently got married and will live on the family property. I don’t think having a lot of kids is wrong, but I find it inspirational that this family functions on their own without government help of any sort.


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