Wednesday, July 1, 2009

20k on Alcohol

I've been out of commission because I went away for the weekend. It was my friends birthday and they had a 3 day celebration to mark this year. I had a wonderful time (only spent money on food) but being there made me think.
In my conservative estimation, $15,000 was spent on drinks in one night. Over the course of the weekend, I'd say that around 30K was spent on alcohol. This made me pause. I don't know that even if I had 30k and no debt, I would spend it on something that's gone right away. My friend does well but is not Paris Hilton wealthy so it seems a bit excessive. I had fun though, it just made me think. Where do you draw the line between having fun and just being wasteful? I mean, at one point, the opened a bottle of champagne and poured it on the celebrant. There was a pool party one of the nights and champagne was being used in water guns instead of water (granted, they were shooting it into people's mouths but still).

What's your take on it? Is there a point where you are just too rich to care about money? Is that ok?


  1. "3 day celebration to mark this year"

    Does your friend come from a line of current-day royalty or something?

    I won't judge what's OK or not OK for others to do with their money but they'd better have a lot of it if they are spending that much for booze. Wow.

    On the other hand, I just bought into some booze (stock.) I hope they continue to drink up. (But not drive then, please. Rich enough to have a driver? I sure hope so.)

  2. 3 day birthday party? Wha? I got reamed on my blog for a few hundred on bottle service!

    I boozed up my whole wedding for $1,500. I guess we could have easily doubled or tripled that with nicer stuff, but it would be really hard to get up to 10K.


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